The Tiger teknik...

3 on-line cylinders
Water cooling (2.8 liters)
Capacity 885 cm3
bore x stroke 76 x 65 mm
Volumetric ratio 10.6:1
Double overheadcamshafts , 12 valves
Torque: 82 Nm (8.4 mKg)
@ 6000 rev/min
Power: 62,5 KW (85 HP)
@ 8000 rev/min

Body characteristics: 
Telescopic hydraulic fork
Monoshock absorber adjustable in preload , bounce and compression

Front tire 110/80-19 @ 30 lb / in2
Rear tire 140/80-17 @ 33 lb / in2

Specs for anakee

Front brake : 296 mm with hydraulic handling doubles disc
2 double pistons callipers
Rear brake: 255 mm simple disc with hydraulic handling
1 double pistons calliper


Primary transmission by gearwheels
Secondary transmission by chain (48 x 18)
6 speeds
24 kph by 1000 rev/min in 6th
Clutch in oil bath

Greasing by wet crankcase (4 liters)

Electronic ignition
Rev limiter @ 8750 rev/min.

Gas supply :
3 horizontal Carburettors

Alternator 345 W
2 headlamps H4 60/55 W
Lamps for rev counter and speedometer i
n WB 3W instead of 1.7W w/o problem

Wearing engine
Height of saddle: 850 mm

Tank 25 liters (among which 5 of the reserve)
Dry mass 209 kg

Max speed : 199 kph
0 to 100 kph 4 " 2 (64 m)
0 to 200 m in 8 " 2 (141 kph)
0 to 400 m in 12 " 9 (166 kph)
0 to 1000 m in 24 " 9 (194 kph)
Services frequency (in jpg)

User's manual page 35
User's manual page 36
User's manual page 37

Electric circuit (in jpg)

Electric scheme
Legend of the electric scheme

Technical characteristics - Triumph book (in jpg)

Puissance - couple - dimensions - moteur
Power - torque - dimensions - engine
Graissage - refroidissement - carburation- -carburant
Greasing - cooling - carburation - gas
Allumage - BV
Ignition - gearbox
Electricité - cadre
Electricity - body
Couples et fluides
Torque of tightening - fluids and lubricants
Engine exploded view
Carte grise
Car registration document
Summarized specifications (in PDF)

Adjustment of the back suspension

Adjustment of the preload by screws on the body of the shock absorber.

Adjustment in compression ( 24 positions) on the reservoir of liquid to the left of the motorcycle under the reservoir essence:
The position 1 ( most amortization) is obtained by turning to the maxi left position , the reticule adjusting screw.
The position 24 ( least amortization) is obtained by turning to the maxi right position , the reticule adjusting screw.
Preadjustment OEM @ 6.

Adjustment in bounce ( 16 positions) at the bottom of the shock absorber.
The position 1 ( most amortization) is obtained by turningto the maxi left position , the reticule adjusting screw.
The position 6 ( least amortization) is obtained by turning to the maxi right position , the reticule adjusting screw.
Preadjustment OEM @ 8.

Triumph specifications:
Standard solo - compression 6 bounce 8
Solo sweet - compression 8 bounce 10
Solo lasts - compression 4 bounce 6
pillion - compression 6 bounce 4
Pillion and luggage - compression 6 bounce 4

Lower the bike of 2":

Lower the front:
Lower the height of bellows of fork of the wished value (1" for example)
Raise the T frame regarding to tubes:
Remove streamlining
On the right side you remove the 4 bolts , you put some oil or some penetrating oil between T frames and tubes, you pump, you tighten when you are in abutment on the bellows.
Idem to the left
Wipe tubes, maybe better for fork joints...

Lower the back (method of the eccentric):
You do as to tighten the chain, you loosen the 2 ChC
You remove the rear bolt of the plastic chain crankcase.
You scrap the spur of the bracket of rear brake (7mm about) which interfere with the swingarm
You turn the eccentric of 1/2 rev by the front or by the back (in that case it is necessary to remove the chain of the rear sprocket).
You tighten the assembly
You put a 1" high washer between the crankcase of chain and the swingarm, after having increase the hole of the crankcase.
Plane the saddle of 20 mm

It is necessary to adjust the handlebars in slope


I have feet almost down flat (I'm 1m71)
The centre of gravity is lower, it is better for the maneuverability.
The lower front increases the maneuverability at low speed, but decreases the stability in a straight line in theory (play angle)
Less stability in a straight line in theory
Road clearance:be careful when you jump the pavements, exhaust rubs (especially with these too soft suspensions).
Be careful when you lean !
Kickstanded:Ok because bike is too leaned before.

Oil filter :


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